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Prior to course registration you must complete the state required “live scan”. Upon graduation you must register with the state by clicking here. Once you’ve signed up for the course, you will be provided an orientation package with your workbook and login information. You must simply fill in all the fields required on the registration page. You will be provided the option to preselect your preference on where you’d like to have your two days of in class soft skills lab instruction once you’ve completed the online portion of the course. We will do our best to accommodate dates and locations for convenience. Stay sharp! There will be tests to make sure you’re absorbing the information!


  • M0 - Introduction
    00:25 sec
  • M1 - Key Concepts
    11:19 min
  • M2 - Work Settings
    20:37 min
  • M3 - Elders
    19:33 min
  • M4 - Differences
    10:00 min
  • M5 - Communication
    10:02 min
  • M6 - Depression
    15:46 min
  • M7 - Infections
    20:34 min
  • M8 - Body Systems
    55:07 min
  • M9 - Body Mechanics
    22:27 min
  • M10 - Consumers
    10:14 min
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  • M11 - ADLs
    09:52 sec
  • M12 - Dignity
    25:47 min
  • M13 - Care
    26:01 min
  • M14 - Toileting
    08:01 min
  • M15 - Assisting ADLs
    25:08 min
  • M16 - Dressing ADLs
    28:03 min
  • M17 - Alzheimers Disease
    11:24 min
  • M18 - Mental Illness
    23:06 min
  • M19 - Physical Disabilities
    08:26 min
  • M20 - Rights (cons./worker)
    16:09 min
  • Next steps
    00:09 sec
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Once you have completed the online portion of the course, you will be scheduled for the demonstration section of your training. Here you will attend two 8-hour days inside a soft skills lab. For Day 1 you will be performing the day-to-day activities presented in the video modules you've already seen. On Day 2, our instructors will be testing and making sure you able to execute the tasks demonstrated on Day 1. Our goal is to perform and demonstrate the skills you have learned in each of the videos. Our goal is for you to perform and demonstrate the skills you have learned in each of the video modules.

DAY 1 - 1st Half

  • Module 7
    Hand washing
  • Module 9
  • Module 9
  • Module 11
  • Module 12
  • Module 12
  • Module 13
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DAY 1 - 2nd Half

  • Module 13
  • Module 14
  • Module 15
  • Module 16
  • Module 16
    Bed Pan
  • Module 16
  • Module 16
    Portable Commodes
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  • Demonstration
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Upon completion both the online and soft skills lab, you have graduated from our program. Congratulations! Sign back into your portal to print and view your college certificiate of completion. An original certificate will be mailed to you at the physical address entered on your registration page as well.